Ohana Land Support Managers

Wisteria Wilder - 10am to 2pm SLT

Felena Avro - 2pm to 8pm SLT (Mon to Fri)

CriusLeo Resident - 2pm to 8pm SLT (Sat & Sun)

LimeCherry Resident- 8pm to 12am SLT

As much as we understand your SL life we hope you understand that we also have

 a RL and sometimes out of our control we are called away from the computer.

 If no one is online send a detailed notecard to Jaden Seaside or Babe Daligdig


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Ohana Land Estate Owner

Babe Daligdig

Specialists In Managing Virtual Land


Available  - 2am to 12am

Closed - 12am to 2am

Ohana Land Support Director

Jaden Seaside 

2am to 10am SLT


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Land  Support  Managers